ChilloutVR Content Creation Kit

Last updated: July 19th, 2020

👋 Welcome, fellow creator

We appreciate your effors and value your time. We have assembled a set of tools that you can use to create content for ChilloutVR. You can find all necessary information below.

You are not alone. If you have questions regarding the usage of our content creation kit you can get help on our Discord or on one of the verified Community Creator Groups.

📥 Download Latest

As our Content Creation Kit evolves constantly, we recommend to always use the latest version. You can find information on how to upgrade from an older version below.

Download Content Creation Kit v2.0f1 RELEASE

The required / recommended unity version is 2019.3.1f1 - You can download it below.

Unity 2019.3.1f1 (Executable) Unity 2019.3.1f1 (Unity Hub)


CCK 1.X is not compatible with the revamped creation process of CCK 2.X - It is required to upgrade from 1.X to 2.X in order to upload content.


Removing old installations

Before importing the new version, please remove the following folders in the main directory of your Unity project if present: "ABI.CCK" and "ABI.MODS". A restart of the editor is not required. This procedure can be optional but is recommended for line version upgrades (1.X to 2.X, 2.X to 3.X, etc.)

Importing new CCK

If no old CCK is present, you can just import the package found above. If you already have an older version of our CCK imported, please refer to the information of the step above.

Signing in to the CCK

To sign in to the CCK, you need your content creation kit master key. You can get this key here: Community Hub Key-Manager. You will then sign in with that key and your username.

Publishing Content

Publishing unavailable

Publishing of content is currently unavailable. We will enable content publishing with the release of Hub 3.1 and later versions.

To publish your content - regardless of type - log in to the Community Hub and navigate to your contents details page. You can then navigate to the publication settings tab and hit on publish. This will open a ticket for publishing. We will then get back to you shortly.

📜 CCK Releases - Changelogs


New Features
  1. Added options to CVRVideoPlayer
    • You can now build your own UI by using the CVRVideoPlayers public functions
    • You can now enable or disable the default interactive library of the video player (defaults on) - useful if you want to build a custom UI
    • You can now set a projection mesh for the video player
    • You can now set thumbnail images for every video
    • You can now enable / disable auto-play (defaults off)
    • Added default prefab: CVRVideoPlayerCinemaScreen
  2. Added file size info to the upload runtime. (blue i at the right top)
  3. Added warnings if the avatar does not match humanoid configuration
  4. Added warnings if the avatar animator does not have the avatar slot filled
  5. Shaders with transparency / fade option will now render correctly within the preview image of the shot cam
  6. The voice and view gizmos can now be moved in the scene and have text indicators
  7. Avatars will now be cloned and then unpacked for building instead of unpacking the source avatar - this means your prefab instances will no longer break
  1. Fixed a bug that would cause the build panel to fail rendering when a mesh on an avatar is not assigned
  2. Fixed a bug that would cause the bundle builder to fail and upload incorrect asset files when a mesh on an avatar is not assigned
  3. Fixed a bug that would cause the CCK to upload no data when an asset file can not be read
  4. Fixed a bug where not providing data to necessary input fields would not upload anything but still go to the uploader screen
  5. Fixed a bug where uploading an avatar after uploading a world would always fail
  6. Adjusted caching path to use the persistent data path to prevent folder length / naming problems


New Features
  1. Added checkbox for enabling/disabling eye movement to CVRAvatar Component
  2. CCK Content Tags adjustments
    • Changed SFW-Level classification to be more clear and added new levels.
    • Added Tag "Spawn Animations" as user-assignable tag for avatars
    • Renamed Tag "CVR Minigame System" to "Game World"
    • Renamed Tag "CVR Weapon System" to "Using Combat System"
    • Removed Tag "CVR Interaction System" from CCK - Advanced local settings will be rolled out with r160 to disable different interactable types in worlds
    • Removed Tag "CVR Versus System" from CCK - Tag will be auto assigned by the system
    • Removed Tag "CVR Persistence System" from CCK - Tag will be auto assigned by the system
    • Removed Tag "CVR Newton" from CCK - Tag will be auto assigned by the system
  3. Interactable adjustments
    • Added set animator int
    • Added Set animator int random
    • Added animator trigger
    • Added custom sitting animation for sit at position action
  4. Rework for default animations
    • Changed the set of crouching animations
    • Changed the jump air animation to give it more movement
    • Added a set of prone animations
    • Added a flying animation
    • Replaced default emotes 7 and 8 with Salute and Dance
  5. Reworked ObjectSync to give more control over what values are synced over the network
  6. CVRVideoPlayer
    • Added Video Player base
    • Added local player playback speed
    • Added experimental 360 video support
    • Added re-orderable video playlist with following parameters
      • Video Title
      • Video Url
      • Time of the Intro end (for Netflix-like auto-skip option)
      • Time of the Credits start (for Netflix-like auto-skip option)
  7. New component "CVRWarpPoint" to automatically generate a list of world warp points.
  8. New component "ToggleStateTrigger" for implementation of touch based inventory systems. This component will define a "button area" thats will trigger a given state.
  9. New component "ToggleStatePointer" for implementation of touch based inventory systems. This component will trigger when moved inside a ToggleStateTrigger area.
  1. Changes to the build panel
    • Added a warning if a model with non legacy blendshape normals is detected. Added a button that attempt to fix the import settings.
    • Added World Warp array to CVRWorld. This will auto-register warp points created for the world to the UI.
    • Added user settings tab
      • Switch between http and https for upload to solve upload problems some people had. Default is https.
      • Switch between the 2 upload regions EU and US (US region is currently only accessible internally it will be accessible with CCK 2.1)
  2. Moved progress bar to on-screen UI to prevent editor bugs / crashes on failed upload
  3. Removed Mod Manager from CCK - a new, better one will be coming with CCK 2.1
  4. Renamed Build Window to Control Panel

Options not fully supported

Some options are rolled out in preparation for the r160 game update. This means that some of the settings and components mentioned are not fully supported yet.


New Features
  1. Added Layers
    • CVRPickup
    • CVRInteractable
    • PostProcessing
  2. Added Component & Prefab for CVR Portal Marker
  3. Added Component & Prefab for CVR Chair
  4. Added Component CVR GI Material Updater
  5. Added Component CVR World BGM Marker
  6. Added Interactable Actions
    • DisplayWorldDetailPage
    • DisplayInstanceDetailPage
    • DisplayAvatarDetailPage
    • SitAtPosition
  1. The behaviour of voice position and view position identifier in CVR Avatar has been adjusted
  2. Changed uploader routine to include stereoscopic panosphere images for portals
  3. Performance improvements
  4. Fixed world audio adjustment


New Features
  1. Proper override controllers can now be created using the Asset -> Create context menu.
  2. Voice Parent can now be set in CVR Avatar. This can be used to bind the voice position to other bones like right hand or left hand.
  3. CVR Interactable
    • All Interactables can now be timed with a delay parameter.
    • Trigger OnTimer can now be set to "once on enable", "repeat" and "deactivate self"
    • Added Action Toggle Animator Bool Value
    • Added Action Set Animator Float Random
    • Added Action Set Animator Bool Random
  4. CVR Variable Buffer
    • The Variable Buffer can be used to store local variables
    • Changes to the CVR Interactable regarding the Variable Buffer
      • Added Trigger: On Variable Buffer Update
      • Added Trigger: On Variable Buffer Comparision
      • Added Action: Set Animator Float By Var
      • Added Action: Variable Buffer Arithmetic
  1. The tag array is now assembled on API side, the client does no longer have authorativity over tag assemble.
  2. Changed the way the upload is processed on client and server side.
  3. Changed default value of "Overwrite image" to be disabled by default.
  4. Cleaned up the core code.
  5. Changed request type from http to https.
  6. Performance improvements.


New Features
  1. Added directional pointers to teleport goals to better indicate their resulting direction in-game.
  2. The upload (overwriting) of world and avatar images can now be disabled in the upload panel if no re-upload is desired.
  3. Added CVR World Modifiers script that can enable Newton on release and is used to manipulate world jump setting and player voice audio ranges. More options will be added in the future.
  1. Fixed the avatar animator to not have the fist gesture partially shown when switching from open-hand to another gesture. (To fix your avatar just upload it again, the override controller should pick up the changed animator controller automatically)
  2. Fixed camera auto positioning for avatars where the pos vector point x does not equal 0.
  3. Cleaned up the code at some parts.
  4. Changed supported Unity version from 2019.2.8f1 to 2019.3.1f1

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