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Whitelisted Components for Worlds

Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator

Gaia 2, the all in one landscape, terrain and scene generation system for Unity that allows you to create stunning mobile, vr, desktop and console scenes in minutes.

Vegetation Studio Pro

Vegetation Studio Pro is a vegetation placement and rendering system designed to replace the standard tree and detail system in the Unity terrain component. It can also spawn and render vegetation on standard unity meshes.

R.A.M - River Auto Material

RAM pack gives you ability to create very advanced river and lakes with flowmap, river bed shapes and textures on it automatically.

Post Processing 2

Post-processing is a generic term for a full-screen image processing effect that occurs after the camera draws the scene but before the scene is rendered on the screen. Post-processing can drastically improve the visuals of your product with little setup time.

The Vegetation Engine

The Vegetation Engine is a set of highly optimized vegetation shaders and tools designed to unify any vegetation asset from the Unity Asset Store, Megascans, Speedtree, Tree Creator, and more, or custom vegetation.

Amplify Impostors Module

Combine the power of Vegetation Engine with the power of the optimized impostors provided by Amplify Impostors! The Amplify Impostors Module includes presets and runtime shaders for perfect baking with Standard, Universal, and HD pipelines, while the seasons, overlay, wetness, wind, and interaction remain dynamic!

Terrain Details Module

Terrain Details Module brings the features from the Vegetation Engine to the terrain details shaders. Enable high-quality wind, interaction, tinting, snow, leaves amount, and distance fade for your grass and flower details!

Terrain Elements Module

Terrain Elements Module is a set of element shaders designed to control the vegetation color, size, overlay, leaves, wetness, and wind power for each individual painted terrain layer, based on splat maps.

Dynamic Cloud System

Realistic, dynamic clouds.

Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox

Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox is a complete and robust sky system that will raise your project to another level.


Beautify 2 is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.

Modern Procedural UI Kit

Modern Procedural UI Kit offers unlimited possibilities for building UI without any sprite assets but customizable shapes and gradients.

Unity Components

Final IK Components

FinalIK is a third party asset, you can get it here: Unity Asset Store: Final IK

Dynamic Bone

Dynamic Bone is a third party asset. Whitelisted components listed below.

Dynamic Bone: Adds a dynamic bone to the component.
Dynamic Bone Collider: Adds an collider that collides/interacts with dynamic bones.
Dynamic Bone Collider Base: Base class for dynamic bone colliders
Dynamic Bone Plane Collider: Adds an collider plane that collides with dynamic bones.

Magica Cloth

Magica Cloth is a third party asset. Whitelisted components listed below.

CVR Components

A list of all whitelisted components for worlds.

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