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What is ChilloutVR?

The base concept of ChilloutVR

ChilloutVR is a social sandbox game playable in VR & Desktop environments.

The main goal is to provide a secure and performant base game for creators and players around the world.

Be who you want to be

You can create your own Avatar, your new self in ChilloutVR. You can play as your avatar, explore worlds, meet friends and make new friends.

Be where you want to be

You can be wherever you want to be, the huge community of content creators is one of the many reasons why ChilloutVR is a game that is enjoyable over a long period of time. You can explore a daily growing amount of publically available worlds alone, with friends or with people you just met. You can also open up new worlds with just a click. Visit and explore a huge amount of virtual worlds or just create your own.

Play whatever you can imagine.

ChilloutVR is built modular, allowing everyone to create interactive worlds with interactable objects, our in-house scripting toolkit "Newton" or even make a whole game mode in C#. This way we allow creators to create game modes like Trouble in Terrorist town, various kinds of coop tower defense games or even MMORPGs in ChilloutVR. The only limitation is your imagination and the players computer performance.

Social interaction features and plans

A social sandbox contains the social part of the name for a reason. We want people to be able to socialize within ChilloutVR (we are not forcing anyone to socialize).

As a user you can

Add your friends and join on them, found parties to have them follow your way around the metaverse, join groups to connect with other communities or attend events to meet new people or spend time with the people you like.
You can also join lobbies and meet new people or just connect to people all around the world.

As a group member you can

Attend group events, join group only lobbies, participate in group ladders and versus events.

As a group leader you can

Schedule events, manage your members, organize versus events, create and manage 24/7 instances "reserved instances".

Content creation features and plans

A sandbox game is nothing without community creators. We rely on all of you and give you all the tools we can provide to create the perfect social environment for VR & Desktop ever made.

Our content creation is done through the Unity Editor. You can download the unity version we currently use by clicking "Download Unity" in the header of this page.

Using our content creation kit you are able to create your own avatars and worlds, by adding the scripting module you can also create your own game modes and deep interactive maps.

Content can also be shared with other people using the website or transfered to someone else.

Feature Is supported?
Custom avatars
Custom worlds
Custom worlds
Interactive worlds
Scripting Will be added later
Modding Will be added later

Player & Content safety features and plans

One of the most important question for content creators and also the most asked question:

Is my content safe in ChilloutVR?

It is as safe as possible. We have implemented solutions against abusive client modifications that protect your uploaded content to the maximum possible level. Due to the nature of the content is bundled by unity and stored on our cloud ripping can not be protected fully but we have taken multiple steps to ensure that simple cache and cloud ripping is not possible.

This is a technical difficulty we will always be working on. We are aiming to provide a solution to make ripping as hard as possible and are improving it wherever possible.

Can i feel safe within ChilloutVR?

Yes you can. We have taken all possible steps to protect against malicious users or system exploits that may harm your privacy or safety. We are also continously working in improving and holding user safety.

This includes authorative servers as a bridge between the players that prevent inter client communication that may be maliciously used by clients to gain information that the requesting user should not have.

This game will be worked on throughout it’s lifetime. We want ChilloutVR to be the best place to be and thus everyone should feel safe within it.

Community- and account management

Moderators and developers as well as community group leaders get access to tools to be able to easily manage the ever growing player base and keep ChilloutVR the place to be. Player kicks / bans and warns can be appealed and a tribunal decision will be called. This means that two different moderators will look into the case to ensure the rules were correctly followed.

Everyone should feel safe and free within the own account. This is why we provide the key based login system which seperates the ingame and unity kit authentication to different login keys. We also provide collected data packages to users on request.

The key based system has a huge plus: Noone has to share their passwords. This means your account is safer when you comission someone to create content for you.

Final note

Thank you for reading this and showing interest in ChilloutVR.

We are thankful for everyone of you and are confident that we will write history together.

The future of VR - is social.

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